Closing the genomics research gap

An international symposium
on genomics and health in a global perspective


sponsored by the Gairdner Foundation

Venue: McGill University, Montreal

date: June 15th-17th 2018

Organizers: Simon Gravel and Mark Lathrop


The symposium will address needs for medical genomics and precision medicine to be representative of global populations so that all will benefit from the anticipated improvements in health outcomes.

Genome-based medicine is at the heart of a revolution in medical care. There is broad agreement on the need for genomic studies to be more representative of all populations so that people everywhere benefit from the improved health outcomes. Yet despite the best efforts worldwide to achieve improved representation, there is considerable uncertainty about how to overcome barriers to this.

The goal of this symposium is to bring together leaders in medical genomics, statistical genetics and community engagement to identify to identify the issues, to define the scientific approaches, and to examine the concrete strategies that are needed to achieve applicability of genomic and precision to all populations and groups.